How to Create a Trendy red Gold Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Create a new 1000 x 750 px document.

import Image

Create the text using the font image, and set the Size to 250 pt.

Step 3

Right-click the text layer, and choose convert text into smart object and create clip mask.

Step 4

Press ctrl and click on text to sellect it will sellect all text layer and press image then create layer mask

Step 5

Create duplicate layer and make a group folder as a backup

Step 6

Sellect layer and click on apply layer mast

Step 7

Select layer go to filter and select liquefy, play with it, try to make more beautiful.

Step 8

Create layer fill color pressing alt and dlt and create gradient, adjust according with text layer.

Step 9

Double click on layer, layer style will popup and play with bevel and drop shadow

In this tutorial, we created a couple of text layers for effect . After that, we created the marble and red rose gold materials and adjusted the lighting of the scene. Finally, we rendered the final result and added a simple plant image to finish off the effect.

Please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, and outcomes below.

Please see this video if you have any doubt or you want to know more regarding this tutorial